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Welcome to the Original source of sandbag rifle rest and pistol rests. Founded by Basil Tuller, we were the FIRST and are still the BEST! All leather items are made with the finest top grain cowhide leather available. Known to last generations, here at Protektor Model we take pride in ensuring quality in design and workmanship. Sewn with nylon thread testing at 11.7lbs. breaking strength. Numerous benchrest world record's are shot using Protektor Model bags regularly. Located in Galeton, Pennsylvania, we are proud to be Made in the U.S.A.!


When Pete Rickard developed Original Indian Buck Lure in 1943, he didn't realize he was creating an industry. He just wanted to improve his own hunting. Knowing that a strong natural formula that attracted deer and covered his own scent was the way, he followed a dream. Pete Discovered the secret of consistently successful deer hunting was overcoming a deer's acute sense of smell. Hunters immediately laughed at the idea of a lure to attract deer. If he had listened to those who thought he was crazy, he would not have become the pioneer and innovator of Indian Buck popular today as it was when it was first introduced over sixty years ago. Thousands of testimonial letters received at Rickard's Catskill Mountain- based company speak of the effectiveness of Pete Rickard's lures. There have been many imitators. Most have come and gone. Pete Rickard remains forever the innovator. His revolutionary Four Phases of Scent Control is a system based on sound field studies. It teaches hunters the correct use of scents by starting clean, laying scent trails, applying lures and stoppers, and matching cover scents. The Pete Rickard's System not only diminishes a deer's sense of smell, it actually uses it to the hunters advantage.