Pete Rickard

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Page Instructions for Filling Bags

Use a de-headed cartridge case 30-60 or similar in size. With a pair of slim nose pliers insert the case into the integral leather spout and with a small funnel fill the bag to proper firmness with any sand, with NO CALCIUM CONTENT. A little powder dusted on the cartridge case will aid in its insertion.

The Half Moon bag should be filled only about 3/4 full if the rawhide is stiff, put it in a pan of lukewarm water to Soak while filling the bag. When the strip is well soaked, stretch as long as possible and wrap around the bag center as tightly as possible, two or three times depending whether a 1" or 1 1/2" hollow is desired, and tie tightly into a hard knot. Using two pairs of pliers will draw a hard knot

The No. 2 front bag should be filled as full as possible by alternately bumping, squeezing, pounding with the fingers, hand or fist until no more sand can be placed into the bag. When you think the bag is as full as can be, try removing the funnel and case, insert a long shank screwdriver into the bag and gently push out all seems to a smooth contour after which final fill may be made solid. We have found here that if a small piece of dowel or even a new wooden pencil or possibly the male or bottom end of a fly rod middle section is inserted, the sand may be temped very tightly into the top or ear section of the bag where it should be as tightly filled as possible. This method works well in filling the Owl Ear bags also if one desires them tightly filled.

All rear bags should be filled fairly firm - always remembering that they have to be squeezed to obtain proper elevation. Use the screwdriver on all seams as needed inside the rear bags. Note that the Rabbit Ear bag no longer has the pockets on the ears in which to tuck the integral spouts.....Merely tuck your little finger or the slim nose pliers into the opening underneath the ears on either side and you will find it easily possible to tuck the integral spout all the way in. All bags except the HALF MOON bag should be grasped in both hands and slammed down several times rather hard on any flat, hard surface to flatten the bag bottom.....This procedure should be followed each time you use the bags except in the case of Owl ear bags or other used on a rifle rest.....After final fill use a hammer handle to round out the front bag hollows to desired contour of your rifle forend....The No. 2 set of bags require approximately 12 lbs. of sand to fill. The front bag requires a block 6"x 6" by abot 2 1/2' thick underneath. Any rough or un-planed wood is okay.

To keep the ears standing up well and the rifle butt resting on the center seam of he Rabbit Ear Bag every now and then draw the side of your hand back and forth between the ears to force the sand back up into the ear sections. Such small attentions will keep your PROTEKTOR MODEL sand bag rifle rests working for you at the peak efficiency.