Pete Rickard

1 1/4 oz. Real Pine Cover - LH535


Pete Rickard's Cover Scents - 1 1/4 oz. Real Pine Cover - LH535 Squeeze Bottle.
Because productive hunting territories almost always have an abundance of pine, this is one of the essentials. It's as pleasing to you as it is to the deer! Rich and completely natural. Masks your scent and puts even a nervous buck at ease because he associates pine with good cover. Using Mother Nature's natural aromas, like pine, to cover human odor is ideal for deceiving a deer's nose. Deer are accustomed to smelling these natural "Mother Earth" scents and are calmed by their fragrance. Pete Rickard's Real Pine Cover is made from real conifer and will help cover the hunter's body odor & equipment scents. It is a spray for clothing, equipment and boots that allows hunters to blend in with their natural surroundings. Hunters can also use Real Pine as an attracting lure. Deer are often attracted to the fragrance coming from a stand of hemlocks. By using Real Pine Scent you not only cover your odor but, you will also attract deer into checking out the fragrance. Use this scent whenever you are hunting where pine trees are found or relatively close to your location.

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