Pete Rickard

2 oz. Apple-X - LH527


Pete Rickard's Cover Scents & Food Lures - 2 oz. Apple-X - LH527 Spray Bottle
Using a natural food aroma to cover your scent, like Apple-X Deer Lure, is ideal for tricking a deer's nose. Even you'll think there's a bushel of ripe apples nearby. The deer will find it irresistible! Attracts them to the spot you pick. Rich and completely natural. Deer are accustomed to smelling these natural "Mother Earth" scents and are calmed by their fragrance. Pete Rickard's Apple-X will help cover the hunter's body odor & equipment scents. It is a spray for clothing, equipment and boots that allows hunters to blend in with their natural surroundings. Hunters can also use Apple-X as an attracting lure. Deer are attracted to the fragrance apples. By using Apple-X Scent you not only cover your odor but, you will also attract deer into checking out the fragrance.

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