Pete Rickard

1 1/4 oz. Indian Buck Spell - LH992


Pete Rickard's Attracting Lures - 1 1/4 oz. Indian Buck Spell - LH992 Squeeze Bottle
This scent works by combining the urine scent of an estrus doe and a special passion ingredient. Other deer, especially the more aggressive mature bucks are fooled into reacting. Their sense of smell tells then that they have located an estrus doe. Bucks react instinctively and begin to follow or seek out the aromas left or emitted by INDIAN BUCK SPELL. No matter how slight the chemical signal is they will detect this odor. In fact, it is hard for bucks to resist the illusion created by the combination of a doe's estrus urine and the passion ingredient. Bucks will unrelentighly pursue the scent to its source, very often with out regard to their safety and surroundings.

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