Pete Rickard

Fox & Coyote Suspicion Remover


Pete Rickard's Trapping Lures - Fox, Coyote, Wolf Suspicion Remover *Available in 4 oz. 8 oz. & 16 oz. Bottles. Our Suspicion Removers are better than most because they are properly collected from wild meat fed wild animals. Absolutely no water or other foreign contaminates added. Superior to Fox Urine Originated by Pete Rickard in the early 1930's when fox trapping was a secret. The Master Touch in Trapping, Not a bait - not a lure. Removes suspicion by killing all trap odors and human scent. Put a few drops on your trapping gloves so everything will smell natural that you touch. Sprinkle a few drops on or around sets before and after making them.

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